Financial Advisors (Part 3): What Fees Do Financial Advisors Charge


Financial Advisors (Part 3): What Fees Do Financial Advisors Charge

Today I’m sharing the different ways financial advisors charge for their services.

In fact, there are FOUR main fee structures you might come across when interviewing advisors…

…and each one can be a disservice to someone.

In this episode, I’m covering three important things:

What are the four fee structures and their pros & cons Who is (and isn’t) a good fit for each service model How much do financial advisors typically charge for their services I’m also sharing how retirement savers might think about measuring the value of financial advice.

If you’re ready for a deep dive into financial advisor fees, you’re going to enjoy today’s episode.


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Taylor Schulte

Taylor Schulte

I'm a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional in San Diego and host of The Stay Wealthy Podcast. When I’m not perfecting financial plans, you can find me traveling with my wife and two sons (Sawyer & Sutton), searching for the next best carne asada burrito, or trying to master Adam Scott’s golf swing.